Alzheimer’s Healing: Safe and Simple by Nature

This is the official site for the book, “Alzheimer’s Healing”.
It’s the first book in our “Safe and Simple by Nature” series.

A lot has happened since I first wrote this book out of desperation to help a loved one. Many of the suggestions in this book have been or are currently undergoing, peer-reviewed validation and testing. Why? Because they work. Because they offer the best hope to slow- or even stop-  the decline of this disease that is decimating our senior population. Because our best science has nothing to offer. But Nature does.

You’ll find links to our Amazon site to order the softcover edition of the book. We are also making it available in pdf form for instant download here on the site. While you are here, sign up for our monthly newsletter. It’s designed to give hope and useful information to those suffering from this terrible disease, their families, caregivers and loved ones.

Although I wrote this book in 2010, the information still applies, the product information is still current, and it still works just as well in 2014 as it did back then.  I encourage you to ask questions and post comments. Tell us how it’s working and how we can help. We care.

Karen T. McCormick